CareCorps® On-Site Clinics

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Our CareCorps® clinics bring professional, customized, and comprehensive medical care to your employees on your work site.

The clinics are staffed with fully licensed medical professionals matched to meet the care needs of your employee population. 

CareCorps® clinics have proven results in improved employee health, life saving interventions, and significant employer savings.

Employers are demanding and deserve solutions to help control the escalating costs of healthcare. 


Under the traditional health care insurance and delivery market, controls are very limited.


The current health care delivery system is congested, complicated, inconvenient and costly.


With a CareCorps® clinic on site, the employer cost controls and improved health outcomes both increase substantially.


Effective clinical management results in happier, healthier workforces. The impact of quality care with improved access to care result in better treatment outcomes. As a result, claim costs diminish dramatically. 


CareCorps® On-Site Clinics achieve:


  • A solution to control employee healthcare costs
  • The means to affect tighter management controls of self-funded plans
  • A proven resource to benefit and improve employee health
  • An innovative solution to reduce employer costs
  • Early intervention and diagnosis resulting in healthier, better educated patients
  • Quality, consistent care on your work site