The CareCorps® clinics look and flow just like an outside professional medical office. 

But, unlike off-site provider offices, there are no insurance forms to process, no copays, no long waits for appointments. CareCorps® clinics provide primary and chronic care in a highly confidential operation for the exclusive use by your employees.


The layout is specifically designed to protect employees' confidential information from their point of check in and treatment to check out and follow up. All medical records are electronic through a heavily firewall protected, electronic health record system (EHR). Our clinics are fully HIPAA, ADA, and OSHA compliant.


Is employee medical information kept confidential?
All services are completely confidential and protected by HIPAA privacy regulations. The clinics use paperless records management through a secure, firewalled electronic health record system. No detailed information is ever provided to the employer to indicate who is being treated, what diagnosis has been made, the number of visits or any identifiable data, such as date of birth, gender or location.


How much does an on-site clinic cost?
We look at a number of factors to help determine on-site clinic costs:

  • care demand of the employee population claims utilization;
  • types of targeted treatments; and, 
  • number of medical staff needed to effectively treat the population size.

How big are the clinics?
The size of the clinic is determined by the number of needed examination rooms, lab service demand and patient traffic. No two clinics are alike.

Where is the clinic located?
The clinic is on or in the employer site in an area that provides confidential and easy access.

How does the clinic work with the health plan?
The on-site clinic provides primary and chronic care, certain lab services, and preventive medicine.

Employees need to keep their health insurance coverage for catastrophic care like surgery and hospitalization, chronic care, and ongoing treatment for disease states.

Do employees use the on-site clinics?
Our experience is that once employees have used the on-site clinic, they return for many of their health care needs, as well as coaching, labs and management of chronic illness. They value the convenience, unhurried environment, and the personal care from our on-site licensed medical professionals.

Is an on-site clinic right for us?
A CareCorps® clinic is beneficial for larger employers with an alternately funded health plan. Employers with "self-funded" plans are responsible for their claims. Using the CareCorps® clinic services has a direct impact to the health plan by reducing the amount of medical claims being paid through the plan.

What is our liability for the clinic and the services given to our employees?
Each provider is insured through their individual professional liability and by their errors and omissions insurance. CareCorps® also holds corporate level errors and omissions coverage, business liability, and professional liability insurance.


Just like any employer, we carry our own worker's compensation insurance for the CareCorps® providers.


The clinics are owned by CareCorps® and the providers are employees of CareCorps®. Therefore, the services provided in the clinic are the liability of the providers and the CareCorps® corporation, Clinical Resources Group, Inc.


We are not liable for any injuries to your employees that occur on the employer's property, only for the services provided through the clinic itself.


There are other Federal ERISA safeguards that insulate the employer from any liability that we will communicate to you in a face to face meeting.


How are appointments made?
The first phone call is the first step in building the relationship between the patient and the practitioner. The initial call enables the practitioner to assess the urgency and illness to schedule appropriately. Our clinic practitioners do not make appointments via email.


What are the typical services in the clinic?
The services provided in the clinic are internal medicine primary care. Patients/employees come to the clinic for colds, sore throats, migraines, flu, urinary tract infections, bladder infections and skin irritations, for example.


The clinic also provides well care, physicals, health screening, coaching and referrals for fitness, nutrition, smoking cessation and behavioral health.

In addition, the clinic provides chronic care follow-up and education on conditions such as diabetes, asthma, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and sexually transmitted diseases.


Other services include blood draws, urine testing, certain laboratory tests, free pregnancy education, nutrition and resource referral.


Can employees still use the health benefit plan?
Yes, employees may still use their medical benefits. The clinic is not designed to replace the health plan, but instead to complement and augment the medical benefits.


Because the clinic is on-site, employees seek treatment for episodic care, prescription fills, injuries or education, for example. Many services can be provided in the clinic, but employees are encouraged to keep their health plan for catastrophic or chronic issues.


The clinic is a care “partner” with the employee’s other care providers and, if authorized by the patient, will send and receive treatment records, lab results and prescription information to those care providers.


What is a nurse practitioner?
The American Academy of nurse practitioners explains "Nurse Practitioners (NPs) have been providing primary, acute and specialty healthcare to patients of all ages and walks of life for nearly half a century. NPs assess patients, order and interpret diagnostic tests, make diagnoses, and initiate and manage treatment plans – including prescribing medications. They are the healthcare providers of choice for millions of patients."  Please visit the Academy’s website at for more information.